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Burn Off Safely 2023

Burn Off Safely In 2023

Are You Safely Burning Off 2023

Are You Burning Off Safely?

Follow these 5 steps to help ensure you burn off safely.
  1. Check your Council local laws
  2. Register your burn off – call 1800668511
  3. Stay informed of weather conditions
  4. Don’t leave the burn unattended until fully extinguished
  5. Have an adequate water supply ready and nearby

For information about the current Fire Danger Period

For more information  about burning off, visit Fire Danger Period And Restrictions


Fire Danger Period 2023

Fire Danger Period 2023

The Fire Danger Period starts Monday 30th January 2023 for the following municipalities.

  • Knox City Council
  • Manningham Council
  • Maroondah City Council
  • Yarra Ranges Council
More information visit
2023 Fire Danger Period - D13 All Municipalities
Brigade Activities

Santa Run 2022

Santa Run 2022

Santa will be coming to Upwey on TUESDAY 20th & WEDNESDAY 21st of December 2022.

He will depart the fire station around 6.00pm and tour the Upwey area.

There are some streets he will NOT be visiting. If you live in one of those streets we recommend you walk to the closest corner. You will hear him coming!

Visit our FACEBOOK page for more details

Upwey CFA Santa Run 2021

Upwey CFA Christmas 2022

Upwey CFA Christmas 2022

The past few years we have decorated our station to bring some Christmas cheer to our community.

This year we are excited to share our contribution to Light Up Upwey with our Fire Station Gingerbread house.

Special thanks to Bunnings Scoresby for helping out with some donations that helped make the station look fantastic this year.

Upwey CFA Xmas Lights 2022

Fat Goat CFA Fund Raiser

Fat Goat CFA Fund Raiser Event

18 December 2022

Fat Goat CFA Fundraiser Event

Join us at The Fat Goat, 2 Morris Road Upwey, Sunday 18 December 4pm – 7 pm.

Live music,  sausage sizzle and of course the fantastic range of Fat Goat beer, wine and gin.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the Fat Goat for putting on this fund raiser event and look forward to seeing you there.

More info, visit Fat Goat facebook page

Brigade Activities

Quicklay Attack

Quicklay Attack Hose System

Wednesday night (16/11/2022) we did practical training on our new quicklay attack packs.

The kits carry all the equipment we need for the rapid deployment of a hose line for a fire attack inside a large building such as the Angliss Hospital, Schools or Burrinja Cultural Centre.

While this is the main purpose of the kits they offer our firefighters different methods of fire attacks at most fires we go to.

The purchase of this kit was made possible due to the wonderful community support we receive. Thank you.


DLS Starts October 2022

Daylight Saving Starts 2nd October 2022

Daylight Saving starts 2:00am Sunday 2nd October 2022.
Turn your clocks FORWARD one hour.
CFA also recommends testing your smoke alarms and changing the batteries.

More about smoke alarms

MVA Upwey 20/9/2022

Motor Vehicle Accident Upwey 20/09/2022

At approx 4:30pm Tuesday we responded to a 2 car accident at corner Burwood Highway and Morris Road Upwey, Victoria.
Ambulance and Police also attended.
Despite both vehicles having extensive damage, fortunately none of the occupants experienced serious injuries.
Crews remained at the scene for approximately 60 minutes.
Click here for more about our  emergency incident response roles.
Click here for more information about the role of our operational members.
Brigade Activities

MVA Training Night

Motor Vehicle Accident Training Night

Wednesday night saw our firefighters practicing their response to incidents involving motor vehicles. They were put through a number of different scenarios that included fire suppression, attending to injured persons and the presence of hazardous chemicals.
Real incidents like these can be quite complex and challenging operations that require a high level of team work so this was a good opportunity for the crews to practice a range of skill sets.
Upon arrival at real motor vehicle accidents, the Incident Controller and their team(s) have to make a number of important assessments about the incident before commencing any rescue, fire suppression or other responses. There is often a lot to take in and digest in a very short period of time. Being able to do this in a calm, measured way despite all that can be going on at the time takes a lot of training and practice. This is why Upwey CFA holds training nights like this regularly throughout the year.
Click here for more about our  emergency incident response roles.
Click here for more information about the role of our operational members.
Fire Awareness & Safety

About New Fire Danger Ratings

About The New Fire Danger Ratings.

A new simplified Fire Danger Rating system comes into effect nationally Thursday 1st September 2022.

You will see this new system appearing on all messaging, including road side signage.

Fire Danger Ratings will be issued on days when there is a fire risk.

Each fire danger rating has a clear set of messages including the actions the community can take to reduce their risk.

This short animation explains what each level means and what you need to do to stay safe.

Do you think this is a better system?

More about Australian Fire Danger Ratings



Home Fire Safety

1 Metre From The Heater

Keep Clothes 1 Metre From The Heater

During the cooler months many of us dry our clothes in front of the heater.

When doing this, always remember the saying Keep Clothes A Metre From The Heater.

Some advice from CFA
Data from Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) and Country Fire Authority (CFA) reveals Autumn and Winter are the highest risk periods for residential fires in Victoria, due in part to the increased use of home heating.

CFA Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook said home heating includes open fires, wood heaters, fixed electrical or gas-powered appliances, and portable electrical, gas, or kerosene heaters.

“More than 70 per cent of fatal house fires start in bedrooms or lounge rooms,” said A/CO Cook.

When it comes to home heating, FRV and CFA recommends:

  • Home heating, including flues and chimneys, are regularly cleaned and serviced by a certified technician.
  • All heating devices are switched off or extinguished before leaving home or going to sleep.
  • Drying clothes and other items must be kept at least one metre away from all heating.
  • Children must be supervised near all types of heating. Maintain a safe distance between children and heating.
  • For portable heating appliances choose models that have automatic safety switches that turn the heater off if tipped over.
  • Keep portable electric heaters away from wet areas to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  • Brick chimneys and gas heaters should be checked before winter to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • FRV and CFA recommend smoke alarms should be considered “A Bedroom Essential” and recommend they are installed in every living area and bedroom.

 More information visit Winter Chill Brings Increased Home Fire Risk (takes you the CFA web site).

Fire Awareness & Safety

New Fire Danger Ratings

New Fire Danger Ratings

The way we determine and communicate Fire Danger Ratings is changing.

A new national Fire Danger Rating System is being developed using the latest science to be more accurate and relevant to where you live.

The new system will be used across Australia so whether you’re at home, traveling within Victoria or interstate, you will see the same system being used.

Australian Fire Danger Ratings

The new Fire Danger Rating system has four levels (instead of six); Moderate, High, Extreme and Catastrophic.

There’ll be actions for each level, so you’ll know what to do to protect your life, family and property.

You’ll start seeing the new fire danger ratings online and in your local community from September 2022.

For more information visit About Fire Danger Ratings 

Brigade Activities

Fire Fighting Training Night

House Fire Fighting Training July 2022

Over the last two weeks, members of the Upwey Fire Brigade undertook live fire fighting training sessions using the CFA structure fire training prop.

 These training sessions help our operational fire fighters practice and hone a range of skills needed when tackling structure fires that include;
  • defensive strategies
  • direct attack
  • entry procedures
  • use of water patterns
  • hot gas cooling techniques
  • water conservation
  • team work and communication
The brigade has access to a range of different fire fighting training props that are used at regular intervals throughout the year.
Member safety is always paramount during training and operational events. Live fire fighting training sessions are conducted under strict procedures to ensure the safety of the members involved. 
Brigade Activities

Good Friday Appeal 2022

Good Friday Appeal 2022

Upwey CFA were out last Friday supporting this year’s Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital.
The team were at the corner of Morris Road and Burwood Highway doing a tin rattle traffic light collection from 8:30-2:30 for the appeal.
We were supported with members from Sassafras, Selby and Belgrave brigades.
Collecting for Good Friday Appeal 2022
Home Fire Safety

Daylight Saving 2022 Ends

Daylight Saving Ending 2022

Daylight Saving ends Sunday 3rd April 2022.

Turn your clocks BACK 1 hour

Upwey CFA encourages you to check your smoke alarms are in working order when daylight saving ends this Sunday.

Three easy steps;

  • Test all your smoke alarms monthly – press the test button
  • Dust all your smoke alarm annually
  • Check &/or change the battery

Home Fire Safety

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Only Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

When you‘re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you if there is smoke from a fire. A small fire can grow to involve an entire room in just two to three minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning and time to escape.

CFA recommends you have a smoke alarm installed in every living area and bedroom in your home.

Smoke alarms are compulsory in every home.

Since 1 August 1997, Victorian law states that smoke alarms (complying with Australian Standards AS3786) must be installed in all homes, units, flats and townhouses. It is the responsibility of all owners and landlords to install working smoke alarms.

Homes constructed before 1 August 1997 need only standalone, battery powered smoke alarms. Homes constructed after 1 August 1997 must have smoke alarms connected to 240 volt mains power. These smoke alarms must also have a backup battery installed in the smoke alarm in case there is a loss of power.

3 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Smoke Alarm In Working Order.

1. TEST your smoke alarm MONTHLY

Press and hold the test button to check the alarm sounds.

2. DUST your smoke alarm ANNUALLY

Dust the alarm to ensure the vents are not obstructed.

3. CHANGE the battery ANNUALLY

Replace the 9V battery each year.  Modern alarms have lithium batteries that can last 10 years.

Home Fire Safety

Daylight Saving 2021 Starts

Daylight Saving starts Sunday 3rd October 2021.

Turn your clocks FORWARD 1 hour

Upwey CFA encourages you to check your smoke alarms are in working order when daylight saving starts this Sunday.

Three easy steps;

  • Test all your smoke alarms monthly – press the test button
  • Dust all your smoke alarm annually
  • Check &/or change the battery

Fire Awareness & Safety

Are You Fire Ready?

Are You Fire Ready?

Victoria is known as one of the most fire prone areas in the world.

If you live near dense forest, bush areas, grasslands or near the coast,  it is important to prepare your property and have a fire plan ready to implement.

Five keys areas to consider are:

  • Clearing trees and vegetation
  • Landscaping around your property
  • Home improvements – what you can do to reduce the impact of embers etc
  • Burning off grass, weeds and other vegetation
  • Farm management plan

Click here for more information on preparing your property.



Brigade Activities

24/7 Response Remains

A number of restrictions came into force today limiting activities for people in Victoria.

Although some of the normal “on-station” activities conducted at CFA brigades will be impacted by these restrictions, CFA will continue to provide their 24/7 emergency response.

During this period you may notice some of our members on-site Sunday mornings or at certain times during the week. These activities strictly comply with the “authorised activities” as set out by the Victorian Government and conducted in accordance with CFA “Covid Safe” policies.
While the restrictions are in force, access to the station is limited to only authorised personnel. All deliveries and access is strictly by prior arrangement. Contact Us

In An Emergency, Dial