BBQ Fire Safety Tips

BBQ Fire Safety Tips To Help Keep You Fire Safe

Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion, a way to make the most of the nice weather or an alternative way to enjoy a really tasty home cooked meal, the great Aussie BBQ is always a winner. Here are a few quick BBQ safety tips on making sure your BBQ is good to use before you fire it up next time.

1 Check the cylinder for damage and ensure it is not past it’s use-by date.

2 Check the hose for damage or leaks, especially around the fittings.

3 Clean the hot plates, grill and surrounding areas of any fat buildup or residue

4 Check the CFA web site to make sure it is OK to fire it up during the fire danger period.

These four easy tips will help you avoid a visit from your local CFA brigade.

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Watch this short BBQ safety video