Volunteer With Upwey Fire Brigade

How To Be Part Of The Upwey Fire Brigade Team

When you join the team at Upwey Fire Brigade you also become part of the 52,000+ strong team of volunteers throughout Victoria that make up the highly respected CFA community.

CFA volunteers undertake a range of tasks such as fighting fires, road accident rescue, medical emergency response, fundraising and community education and engagement. We work together to connect with and help others in the communities in which we live and work.

All members of the community are welcome to join CFA.

Three Volunteering Options

Junior Volunteer Development Program

The Junior Volunteer Development Program,  commonly known as Juniors, is a program introducing teens aged 11 – 16 to become fire safe citizens through the engagement of fun & safe activities.

The Juniors program encourages activities that:

  • build their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • develop their ability to manage personal and social relationships
  • create learning opportunities and to develop new skills
  • encourage positive group dynamics
  • build the capacity of young people to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control
  • develop a world view which widens horizons and nurtures social commitment
Upwey Juniors at State Championships 2021

Operational Member / Fire Fighter

Operational Members (Fire Fighters) respond to a range of incidents where risks are posed to life and/or property. These can include;

  • bush fires
  • structure fires
  • grass and scrub fires
  • road accidents
  • hazardous materials (hazmat) incidents
  • supporting other brigades and agencies
Upwey CFA Fire Trucks 2019

Non-Operational / Support Members

Non-Operational Members are also known as Support Members.They do not fight fires, however they provide vital support and assistance to their brigade and the community.

The roles conducted by Non-Operational / Support members varies between brigades and commonly include:

  • Administration, logistical and financial management
  • Coordination of fundraising, campaigns, events and social activities
  • Media, promotion and publicity
  • Building and equipment maintenance
  • Coordinating the Junior Volunteer Development Program
  • Community education and preparedness
  • Member safety and welfare
Upwey CFA Annual Dinner 2019