Upwey Juniors Program

Upwey Juniors Program

The Junior Volunteer Development Program (Juniors) is a program introducing teens aged 11 – 16 to become fire safe citizens through the engagement of fun & safe activities.

The program encourages activities that:

  • build their self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • develop their ability to manage personal and social relationships.
  • create learning opportunities and to develop new skills.
  • encourage positive group dynamics.
  • build the capacity of young people to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control.
  • develop a world view which widens horizons and nurtures social commitment.

Activities can include: fire safety drills & awareness, team building exercises, community service and the development of communication & map readings skills.

The cost to join the Upwey Juniors Program is FREE!  We also attempt to keep all special activities close to or free from cost.

Junior members DO NOT attend emergencies or use heavy machinery (jaws of life, chainsaws etc).

Upwey Juniors Program aims to make our kids to feel safe and confident in the area in which we live.  We have no expectation that our Junior membership will continue into Seniors (become operational members) however should they chose to do so we actively help them with the transition.

At Upwey Juniors we also offer:

  • Annual certified First Aid/CPR Training
  • Participation at the annual VFBV Junior State Championships
  • Specialised training sessions, such as Virtual Reality training, sessions with the CFA Wellbeing department and visits to other emergency services.
  • Involvement in the Upwey CFA Annual Jumble Sale
  • Training sessions with other Junior brigades within the area
  • Training with the Senior members

All our Juniors leaders are current members of the Upwey Fire Brigade, have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) and are first aid/CPR current.

If you would like more information or are interested in trying out, contact;

Click here to contact the Junior Coordinator

Click here for more information about Volunteering With CFA (takes you to the official CFA website)