Community Services

Community Support Services

The Upwey Fire Brigade volunteers provide a range of community support services to help make our community a safer place for everyone.


Summer Street Corner Meetings

Each year our volunteers organise information sessions called Summer Street Corner Meetings.

These are fairly informal sessions that take about an hour and are a free service to all members of the community. They provide you with important information and tips about how to be “fire ready” for the upcoming fire season.

Every season is different so even if you have attended a meeting before, it’s important to attend one every year.

  • How and where bush, grass or scrub fires are likely to start and spread around your local area
  • The most essential decisions you and your family need to make
  • How to stay informed should a fire start and threaten
  • Tips and updates to help you start or review your fire plan

These meetings are a good opportunity to share views and experiences on managing fire risk, and make contacts or pool resources.

Details on dates and locations appear on this site and our FaceBook page.

Upwey CFA summer street corner meeting 2019

Fire Safe Kids

Fire Safe Kids is CFA’s flagship education program for primary and pre-primary students.

It is delivered by firefighters who visit your school with an engaging and interactive presentation.

Each lesson is supported by comprehensive guides and lesson plans for teachers, and giveaways for students.

Fire Safe Kids is entirely free of charge and provides:

  • presentations with strong links to the Victorian Curriculum for all levels of primary
  • interactive and engaging activities
  • giveaways for students including stickers and certificates
  • pre- and post-visit lesson plans and support materials for teachers
  • up to four sessions per day by a trained presenter

More about Fire Safe Kids  program.

Click here to Contact Us to discuss a visit to your school in the Upwey area.

Upwey CFA Fire Trucks 2019

Property Advise Visits

Property Advice Visit Service (PAVS) is an awareness-raising program delivered by trained volunteer brigade members to residents living in homes situated in locations identified as being at the highest risk of bushfire.

PAVS is a free service that typically involves a 15- 20 minute meeting at your property. You will receive publications, planning templates, information about your local risk and preparing for fire.

The benefits of the PAVS program include:

  • being informed of your local fire risk and hazard
  • receiving information about leaving early and the benefits of this option
  • receiving details of preparation activities that may reduce the impact of bushfire and grassfire on your home
  • information about where to seek further information
  • the option of signing up for further communications from MyCFA
  • an opportunity to ask questions about their fire risk and preparation.

To enquire about organising a PAVS click here.

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