MVA Training Night

Upwey CFA MVA training night 20220914

Motor Vehicle Accident Training Night

Wednesday night saw our firefighters practicing their response to incidents involving motor vehicles. They were put through a number of different scenarios that included fire suppression, attending to injured persons and the presence of hazardous chemicals.
Real incidents like these can be quite complex and challenging operations that require a high level of team work so this was a good opportunity for the crews to practice a range of skill sets.
Upon arrival at real motor vehicle accidents, the Incident Controller and their team(s) have to make a number of important assessments about the incident before commencing any rescue, fire suppression or other responses. There is often a lot to take in and digest in a very short period of time. Being able to do this in a calm, measured way despite all that can be going on at the time takes a lot of training and practice. This is why Upwey CFA holds training nights like this regularly throughout the year.
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