Smoke Alarms For Hearing Impaired

Smoke Alarm Hearing Impaired

Smoke Alarms for Hearing Impaired

Specialised Smoke Alarms.

An important fire safety message from CFA is  “working smoke alarms save lives”.
A working smoke alarm can detect the presence of smoke and alert you by sounding a loud audible alarm. 
But what if you are hearing is impaired?  Did you know there are specialised smoke alarms available for people who may have difficulty hearing standard smoke alarms and evacuation systems.

The main body of the unit looks like a normal smoke alarm on your ceiling. The other parts are a strobe light (sight) and vibrating pad (tactile) for your bed. In the event of a fire, all alarms will sound, the lights will flash, and the vibrating pad will activate.

If you or someone you know might need a specialised smoke alarm visit
Smoke Alarm Hearing Impaired

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