Volunteer FAQs

The minimum age to become a CFA volunteer is 16 years (16 & 17 year olds will need parental consent). Some brigades also run a Junior Volunteer Development Program for 11-15 year olds.

All members of the community are welcome to join CFA.

Firefighting (operational roles) can involve strenuous and physically challenging activities, so a certain level of fitness is required to undertake this role. You can discuss this with your local brigade to determine your suitability for this role. Training in specific firefighting or other operational roles is provided.

For support (non-operational) volunteers, such as secretary, treasurer or communications, prior relevant knowledge is looked upon favourably. Specific CFA training is available.

Compulsory General Firefighter training for firefighters (operational volunteers) can take up to 6 months and no fires can be attended until this training is completed. In this initial training you will learn all the basic skills and safety requirements to be able to commence attending incidents.

Once you have completed this, brigades run training to maintain skills and learn new ones.

A wide range of other courses relating to your role are available.

You can visit the station on a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning as ask to speak to one of the Officers or you can visit the CFA website