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Bushfire Resilience Webinars 2023

2023 Bushfire Resilience Webinars

The 2023 bushfire resilience webinars commence Wednesday 9 August 2023. 

Register now to get your link to the first LIVE webinar and also links to the webinar recordings.

Bushfire Resilience Webinars 2023

An El Niño summer is coming

Recent rainfall has supercharged fuel loads. Dry conditions will increase fire risks next summer, especially grass fires. Watch the webinars with family and friends and discuss the information and your plans.

BRI’s webinars are presented by eminent subject experts. Learn how grass fires and bushfires behave and what your family can do to reduce your risks.

Viewers can ask questions before or during the webinar, and when you register we’ll also send you a link to videos. To learn more about our presenters head to

Note that these events are run by Bushfire Resilience Inc. Bushfire Prepare is not responsible for this event.  Bushfire Prepare is promoting this event in the interests of community safety.

Bushfire Resilience Webinars 2023 dates
Fire Awareness & Safety

Burn Off Safely 2023

Burn Off Safely In 2023

Are You Safely Burning Off 2023

Are You Burning Off Safely?

Follow these 5 steps to help ensure you burn off safely.
  1. Check your Council local laws
  2. Register your burn off – call 1800668511
  3. Stay informed of weather conditions
  4. Don’t leave the burn unattended until fully extinguished
  5. Have an adequate water supply ready and nearby

For information about the current Fire Danger Period

For more information  about burning off, visit Fire Danger Period And Restrictions

Fire Awareness & Safety

About New Fire Danger Ratings

About The New Fire Danger Ratings.

A new simplified Fire Danger Rating system came into effect nationally Thursday 1st September 2022.

You will see this new system appearing on all messaging, including road side signage.

Fire Danger Ratings will be issued on days when there is a fire risk.

Each fire danger rating has a clear set of messages including the actions the community can take to reduce their risk.

Watch this short video to learn what each level means and what you need to do to stay safe. ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Do you think this is a better system?

More about Australian Fire Danger Ratings


Fire Awareness & Safety

New Fire Danger Ratings

New Fire Danger Ratings

The way we determine and communicate Fire Danger Ratings is changing.

A new national Fire Danger Rating System is being developed using the latest science to be more accurate and relevant to where you live.

The new system will be used across Australia so whether you’re at home, traveling within Victoria or interstate, you will see the same system being used.

Australian Fire Danger Ratings

The new Fire Danger Rating system has four levels (instead of six); Moderate, High, Extreme and Catastrophic.

There’ll be actions for each level, so you’ll know what to do to protect your life, family and property.

You’ll start seeing the new fire danger ratings online and in your local community from September 2022.

For more information visit About Fire Danger Ratings 

Fire Awareness & Safety

Are You Fire Ready?

Are You Fire Ready?

Victoria is known as one of the most fire prone areas in the world.

If you live near dense forest, bush areas, grasslands or near the coast,  it is important to prepare your property and have a fire plan ready to implement.

Five keys areas to consider are:

  • Clearing trees and vegetation
  • Landscaping around your property
  • Home improvements – what you can do to reduce the impact of embers etc
  • Burning off grass, weeds and other vegetation
  • Farm management plan

Click here for more information on preparing your property.