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RSL Family Fun Day 2024

Upwey-Belgrave RSL Family Fun Day 2024

Upwey-Belgrave RSL
Family Fun Day &
Volunteer Expo

Saturday 16 March 2024
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The RSL is holding a Family Fun Day & Volunteer Expo. Your local CFA fire fighters will be in attendance.

  • Meet and talk with your local fire fighters
  • See one of our fire trucks
  • Get free fire safety information

This is a community initiative by the RSL and we hope to see you there. Come and say hello.

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Upwey-Belgrave RSL Family Fun Day 2024
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Burrinja Live On The Lawn 2024

Burrinja Live On The Lawn 2024

Saturday 24th February 2024

Burrinja Live On The Lawn 2024 – 12:00pm onwards

Burrinja Cultural Centre is holding their Live On The Lawn afternoon and your Upwey CFA fire fighters will be in attendance.

  • Meet your local fire fighters
  • See one of our fire trucks
  • Get free fire safety information
  • Enjoy the music

This is a great community event.  Hope to see you there.

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Burrinja Live On The Lawn 2024
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Bushfire Community Meeting 2024

Bushfire Community Meeting

Bushfires happen every year!

Spend 1 hour with your local CFA and learn how you can keep you, your family and your friends safe from fire this season.
This Fire Safety Essentials Session covers:
  • Local fire risk
  • What to expect from fire
  • Preparing for fire
  • Fire Danger Ratings
  • How to stay informed
  • Seasonal update
This is a free community service conducted at Upwey Fire Station, 7:00pm Thursday 8th February 2024.
Hope to see you there.
More information:
T: 03 8739-1300
Or visit our FACEBOOK page
Upwey CFA Bushfire Community Meeting 2024
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Community Raffle 2024

Dandenong Ranges Community Raffle

Upwey Fire Brigade is conducting a fundraiser with the Dandenong Ranges Community Raffle.

We are looking to raise funds that will go toward replacing some specialist equipment.

One of these is our lighting vehicle equiped with battery powered portable LED lights we use at incidents in our response areas and when called to assist other brigades. The batteries have a use-by-date and are now due to be replaced. 

You can help us raise the funds for the new batteries by purchasing a ticket in the Dandenong Ranges Community Raffle. 100% of every ticket sale goes to the brigade and the prizes on offer are fantastic with $25,000 in prizes up for grabs. 

The Raffle will be drawn at 11am on 2 May 2024.

To purchase your tickets simply scan the QR code or click on this link: You can also share the QR code with your friends.

Tickets are priced at:

  • 1 ticket for $5
  • 5 tickets for $20
  • 10 tickets for $40
  • 15 tickets for $60
  • 20 tickets for $80
  • 30 tickets for $100

Every dollar goes to Upwey Fire Brigade. We thank you in advance for supporting Upwey CFA..

Visit our FACEBOOK page for more details

Community Raffle 2024 poster
Community Raffle QR code
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Jumble Sale 2023 Success

Jumble Sale 2023

From the entire team at Upwey CFA, we want to pass on a very big THANK YOU to everyone who supported the 52nd Annual Jumble Sale.

Despite the prediction of poor weather for the day, the rain and strong winds didn’t arrive but the crowds certainly did and made it a huge success.

It was a hectic first hour for the crew with strong of sales that continued through the entire day. The BBQ was well supported with strong demand for sausages and hamburgers. The hot donuts were a very popular choice.

Planning for the 53rd Jumble Sale 2024 has already begun and we look forward to seeing you then.

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Santa Run 2022

Santa Run 2022

Santa will be coming to Upwey on TUESDAY 20th & WEDNESDAY 21st of December 2022.

He will depart the fire station around 6.00pm and tour the Upwey area.

There are some streets he will NOT be visiting. If you live in one of those streets we recommend you walk to the closest corner. You will hear him coming!

Visit our FACEBOOK page for more details

Upwey CFA Santa Run 2021
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Quicklay Attack

Quicklay Attack Hose System

Wednesday night (16/11/2022) we did practical training on our new quicklay attack packs.

The kits carry all the equipment we need for the rapid deployment of a hose line for a fire attack inside a large building such as the Angliss Hospital, Schools or Burrinja Cultural Centre.

While this is the main purpose of the kits they offer our firefighters different methods of fire attacks at most fires we go to.

The purchase of this kit was made possible due to the wonderful community support we receive. Thank you.

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MVA Training Night

Motor Vehicle Accident Training Night

Wednesday night saw our firefighters practicing their response to incidents involving motor vehicles. They were put through a number of different scenarios that included fire suppression, attending to injured persons and the presence of hazardous chemicals.
Real incidents like these can be quite complex and challenging operations that require a high level of team work so this was a good opportunity for the crews to practice a range of skill sets.
Upon arrival at real motor vehicle accidents, the Incident Controller and their team(s) have to make a number of important assessments about the incident before commencing any rescue, fire suppression or other responses. There is often a lot to take in and digest in a very short period of time. Being able to do this in a calm, measured way despite all that can be going on at the time takes a lot of training and practice. This is why Upwey CFA holds training nights like this regularly throughout the year.
Click here for more about our  emergency incident response roles.
Click here for more information about the role of our operational members.
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Fire Fighting Training Night

House Fire Fighting Training July 2022

Over the last two weeks, members of the Upwey Fire Brigade undertook live fire fighting training sessions using the CFA structure fire training prop.

 These training sessions help our operational fire fighters practice and hone a range of skills needed when tackling structure fires that include;
  • defensive strategies
  • direct attack
  • entry procedures
  • use of water patterns
  • hot gas cooling techniques
  • water conservation
  • team work and communication
The brigade has access to a range of different fire fighting training props that are used at regular intervals throughout the year.
Member safety is always paramount during training and operational events. Live fire fighting training sessions are conducted under strict procedures to ensure the safety of the members involved. 
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Good Friday Appeal 2022

Good Friday Appeal 2022

Upwey CFA were out last Friday supporting this year’s Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital.
The team were at the corner of Morris Road and Burwood Highway doing a tin rattle traffic light collection from 8:30-2:30 for the appeal.
We were supported with members from Sassafras, Selby and Belgrave brigades.
Collecting for Good Friday Appeal 2022
Brigade Activities

24/7 Response Remains

A number of restrictions came into force today limiting activities for people in Victoria.

Although some of the normal “on-station” activities conducted at CFA brigades will be impacted by these restrictions, CFA will continue to provide their 24/7 emergency response.

During this period you may notice some of our members on-site Sunday mornings or at certain times during the week. These activities strictly comply with the “authorised activities” as set out by the Victorian Government and conducted in accordance with CFA “Covid Safe” policies.
While the restrictions are in force, access to the station is limited to only authorised personnel. All deliveries and access is strictly by prior arrangement. Contact Us

In An Emergency, Dial